At a certain point during the night, I started feeling self-conscious about wearing a $12 outfit to an Hermes event.

Then the champagne got the better of me and I felt fabulous again.


A Quarter

[Image from this lovely blog]


An entire quarter of 2014 has passed right by and this is my first post of the year – says a lot about where I am with blogging right now. How did I go from blogging every single day to being completely absent for months? I guess when you write on the internet for a living, blogging in your spare time just feels too much like work.

Having said that, I still like to keep this space and check in once in a while.

I love the idea of a journal, but I just don’t seem to have the will to keep one right now. I am hopeful though, that I will get back to it eventually.

Because if we are not going to record our own days, who is going to do that for us? And we all know that events that have not been recorded stop being real after some time.


So, HDB handed over a huge bunch of 18 keys to me today. It felt mildly exhilarating, a quiet buzz signaling that things are changing and will never be the same.

Changes have been falling over one another, rushing to happen. But why not have them all at once? It is the changes that drag their feet that I cannot stand.

Such a rush, to do nothing at all.

On the contrary, there is such a lot to be done – happy problems, for the privileged.

We cannot stand still. The ground is shifting beneath our feet.


I will probably be moving into the new apartment in May.

The only thing I am feeling morose about is how much I am going to miss Rudi, with her silly sad eyes.

Finish Up + Move On

20131204-021845.jpg(Photo source)

It seems like a good idea to look at as many beautiful pictures as I can while I wait for the year to finish up.


I have managed to acquire a new obsession recently: podcasts. They have been around for the longest time so I cannot say why I have suddenly become so enamoured with them; but I am.

I am in love with the idea of how I can fill up all that empty time spent on the train or walking to somewhere or just standing in line for something with wonderful talk that imparts exciting new knowledge. [It has something to do with how I aspire to be a Trivia Queen / “Insufferable Know-It-All”.]

Here are some of the podcasts that I’m binge-listening too. They are mostly about people doing creative and awesome things with their lives. I like the general positivity of these podcasts and the immense sense of possibility that they give me. [In particular, I like to be hear about the serendipity that peppers their life paths, which often changes their courses in surprising but ultimately thank-god-that-happened ways.]

  • Design Matters by Debbie Millman. Currently my favourite. Features interview-style chats with fabulous personalities in the design industry or just about anyone who is doing great work in a creative way.
  • Accidental Creative by Todd Henry. A lifehack podcast to help people lead a productive and creative lifestyle, and to get some brilliant work done on the way.
  • The Entrepreneur by Monocle. This is my favourite among all of Monocle’s podcasts (e.g. Section D, The Urbanist) because it features the most brilliant business ideas, and it is exciting to learn about how people can have fun, do good while making money.
  • TED Talks. There are a number of TED Talks podcasts, each one based on a theme like Business, Education or Design. Most of them are video podcasts, but there is an audio one that I subscribe to for listening on-the-go.


#1: I love you for your sense of adventure.


I feel that it is almost time to move on from here. You know, a change of scene. Right now, looks like a good idea. At first, I thought that it is a website that publishes some seriously good articles. Then I realised that it is actually a blogging platform that is the opposite of Tumblr – instead of 95% pictures, it is 95% words.

And that is what I do here, isn’t it?

Besides, I am more or less won over by its ultra-clean design. However, what really tipped me over is when I found out that these are the same guys who created Blogger. That was where this whole blogging thing started, so the nostalgia is strong with this one.

Will sleep on it for a little while more, but if anything is to happen, I would think the new year would be the best time to do it.



There is a very special kind of elation reserved for when the person you adore tells you to stop smiling in a particular way because it makes him weak in the knees.

Of course, it’s completely counter-productive because you will go on to smile more exactly in just that way.

Which I suspect, is the whole point anyway.



Late at night, I like to look at beautiful pictures and words.


Adulthood sort of came crashing down on me all at once this year, which really isn’t a bad thing because I have been waiting for it to happen for quite some time.

It is like that time when we were writing our graduation theses and complaining about how tough it was, only to be secretly gleeful about how we get to do this crazy thing.

Only now, I’m not complaining. I’ve never been much of a complainer but over time, I’ve lost even that tiny taste I had for it. It just seems a waste of time.

If something is wrong, try to fix it.


It is true what they say about people loving in different ways. Perhaps, no two persons love in the exact same manner.

It does matter how one loves, because it is something to be received as much as it is to be given.

But what I’ve learnt is that we forget most of how it is delivered when we realise: “Hey, it is love – and it’s such a lovely thing to have.”



I’ve spent a large chunk of my life now aspiring to have a home that is inhabited by glorious piles of magazines. Not too messy to be considered hoarder-ish, but also not so neat that they lack personality.

And I’m going to marry a man who dreams of a bare, industrial-style apartment where “there are as few things as possible”.

This living together thing, it can get kind of territorial, doesn’t it?

But of course, there is going to be no compromise on the magazines.



“I can’t stay the same just because it is convenient.”

The moment I said that, I realised that it is true.


A crowd of little tasks to be done right now. Choices to be made, arrangements to be put in place.

It is not exactly a walk in the park but not yet stressful.

Hopefully, I’ll keep at this pace all the way through.


In other life matters, I am making a tiny resolution to wear mascara more often.

Because bigger eyes never hurt anyone.



Work desk porn.


They say it is unromantic to be on the phone when you are together. The screens take away the intimacy and we become androids with beating hearts.

But sometimes, it’s enough to quietly indulge in being Internet addicts – as long as you are doing it together.

And make sure you are touching in some way. An elbow to an arm sort of way. Not intrusive but very comforting.

Just sometimes, it’s quite ok.


When it all boils down, all I want is to be light and have enough.

And dreamless sleep once in a while. That will be great.


A DIY clothing rack project via Creature Comforts. I think it’s a great way to display your favourite things and get them out of an over-stuffed wardrobe. The problem is actually getting down to making it. All that hard labour. Wouldn’t it be great if DIY projects doesn’t require you to do it yourself?

But that’s just crazy talk. Or, there’s always IKEA.