I enjoy Young‘s photographs so much. Hers are the kind of images that make you feel that the world – with all of its absurdity and cruelty that has broken your heart a thousand times before – is good.

Recently, she has been visiting Iceland quite a bit. All the more reason to hop over to her blog or follow her on Instagram.


I realise that I am a paper hoarder. I have this deep desire to own books, magazines, and any other bits of paper that is nice to look at – including well-made invitations, catalogs, art prints, flyers, anything printed that appeals to my eyes and hopefully smells all pulp-y.

I just like to have them. And most of the time, I tell myself that it is not too much to ask, that I am not one of those people on reality TV who are slowly but surely being buried alive under their inexplicable clutter (which most of the time, do not consist of pretty things).

I conclude: amassing beautiful things is not the same as hoarding. Besides it is good for the soul.

[When challenged about one of your choices, there is always the option to label it as “soul food”.]


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