A Quarter

[Image from this lovely blog]


An entire quarter of 2014 has passed right by and this is my first post of the year – says a lot about where I am with blogging right now. How did I go from blogging every single day to being completely absent for months? I guess when you write on the internet for a living, blogging in your spare time just feels too much like work.

Having said that, I still like to keep this space and check in once in a while.

I love the idea of a journal, but I just don’t seem to have the will to keep one right now. I am hopeful though, that I will get back to it eventually.

Because if we are not going to record our own days, who is going to do that for us? And we all know that events that have not been recorded stop being real after some time.


So, HDB handed over a huge bunch of 18 keys to me today. It felt mildly exhilarating, a quiet buzz signaling that things are changing and will never be the same.

Changes have been falling over one another, rushing to happen. But why not have them all at once? It is the changes that drag their feet that I cannot stand.

Such a rush, to do nothing at all.

On the contrary, there is such a lot to be done – happy problems, for the privileged.

We cannot stand still. The ground is shifting beneath our feet.


I will probably be moving into the new apartment in May.

The only thing I am feeling morose about is how much I am going to miss Rudi, with her silly sad eyes.


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