Finish Up + Move On

20131204-021845.jpg(Photo source)

It seems like a good idea to look at as many beautiful pictures as I can while I wait for the year to finish up.


I have managed to acquire a new obsession recently: podcasts. They have been around for the longest time so I cannot say why I have suddenly become so enamoured with them; but I am.

I am in love with the idea of how I can fill up all that empty time spent on the train or walking to somewhere or just standing in line for something with wonderful talk that imparts exciting new knowledge. [It has something to do with how I aspire to be a Trivia Queen / “Insufferable Know-It-All”.]

Here are some of the podcasts that I’m binge-listening too. They are mostly about people doing creative and awesome things with their lives. I like the general positivity of these podcasts and the immense sense of possibility that they give me. [In particular, I like to be hear about the serendipity that peppers their life paths, which often changes their courses in surprising but ultimately thank-god-that-happened ways.]

  • Design Matters by Debbie Millman. Currently my favourite. Features interview-style chats with fabulous personalities in the design industry or just about anyone who is doing great work in a creative way.
  • Accidental Creative by Todd Henry. A lifehack podcast to help people lead a productive and creative lifestyle, and to get some brilliant work done on the way.
  • The Entrepreneur by Monocle. This is my favourite among all of Monocle’s podcasts (e.g. Section D, The Urbanist) because it features the most brilliant business ideas, and it is exciting to learn about how people can have fun, do good while making money.
  • TED Talks. There are a number of TED Talks podcasts, each one based on a theme like Business, Education or Design. Most of them are video podcasts, but there is an audio one that I subscribe to for listening on-the-go.


#1: I love you for your sense of adventure.


I feel that it is almost time to move on from here. You know, a change of scene. Right now, looks like a good idea. At first, I thought that it is a website that publishes some seriously good articles. Then I realised that it is actually a blogging platform that is the opposite of Tumblr – instead of 95% pictures, it is 95% words.

And that is what I do here, isn’t it?

Besides, I am more or less won over by its ultra-clean design. However, what really tipped me over is when I found out that these are the same guys who created Blogger. That was where this whole blogging thing started, so the nostalgia is strong with this one.

Will sleep on it for a little while more, but if anything is to happen, I would think the new year would be the best time to do it.


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