A lunch-break romance – it is funny because it is realistic. [And also reminds me of how we really shouldn’t think so much about things before doing them. Time passes, the moment is lost; and then what?]


The other day, with the self-assurance of relative youth, I proclaimed to my parents: This is not your world anymore.

Of course it sounded bigoted and it probably isn’t even all that true – because I have no idea whose world it is anyway.

Then again, you may react the same way when your world view gets challenged. Or not, if you happen to be the more mature and tolerant kind.

We can’t all be lifestyle nazis, can we? Sometimes, I just want to sigh dramatically and say, “Can’t we all just get along?”


On the way to the train station, I got waylaid  by a couple of well-meaning environmentalists who appealed to my conscious and asked if I will like to help save the tigers (who I assume are dying off at an alarmingly rate).

But all I could think of is that humans die too – often, under rather worrying circumstances as well.

If we save the tigers, who is going to save us? Maybe it is not that bad to have some higher being (or just another species higher up on the food chain) who can give us a hand at survival.

Actually, no. It is quite nice being at the tippy top of the food chain.


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