[Image via Design Sponge]

I guess it is normal to want everything. And it is also normal that “everything” keeps expanding to include more and more. Sometimes, I can almost relate to those mad hatters on Hoarders and their “more is more, more is best” philosophy to life.

The thing is, it is just hard to stop wanting.

Which means that conditioning yourself to want enough instead of more takes quite a bit of work. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t even have to be Buddhist for it to work.

I heard that there is a real pleasure in living a simplified version of “the good life” and I am increasingly keen to find out if this is true.

After all these years, I am still a little enamored with the Danish idea of an ideal society, where “few have too much and fewer too little“. Of course, reality works out differently but I think it may be much easier to live like that as an individual than as a collective.

So maybe, having your cake and eating it too may not be that great after all.


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