Dog + Bed

The days have been mooching along in a rather satisfying way and I have nothing much to complain about – except for the weather.

But if we don’t even have the weather to complain about, whatever shall we do?


Right now, I am sort of having a situation with my dog. She has gotten it into her furry head that she has the liberty (liberty for dogs – actually not such an impossible idea) to jump onto all the humans-only surfaces in the apartment, like the sofa and all the beds.

Measures had to be taken, so we started shutting all the room doors so at least the beds are safe. Unfortunately, I still need my 15 minutes of afternoon slouch on the bed for reading and such (i.e. rejuvenation of soul); so she crept up on me in stealth mode.

And obviously, removal of dog from bed after she has curled up on it and look all puppy-ish is out of the question because when something looks this cute, one do not simply toss it out unceremoniously. After all, this is a civilised society that we are living in.

On the bright side, that wasn’t my bed. Which kind of made it okay.


It is the middle of June and I am at a part of a book about Paris when it is December, and that reminds me of those roasted nuts pushcarts in Copenhagen that start appearing in October.

It is curious and wonderful how the mind wanders.


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