Over-rated + Diary

*Except for reading physical books, walking in a new city or a favourite old one, my dog, weekend afternoon naps, writing, writing, writing, having morning tea alone in a crowded place, seeing an old friend after a long time, laughing with all your might and you, you, you.


I wonder, in a world where blogs have evolved far beyond their online diary origin, is there still a point to keeping this one alive?

Of course, I am glad that such a small number of people actually read this. Believe it or not, I do feel shy and ungainly about putting my private thoughts in view of the public eye. Alright, I can see how that is hard to buy. But seriously, I am not kidding.

Yet, I think that I will always need a space like this to write random notes to myself. I know I hardly write here anymore but somehow or other, I will come back to this.

All I can say is that old habits die hard. I am a child of the days when everyone still uses blogspot and know a bit of HTML because they had to (and also because they want to DIY their blog skins).

So to me, the blog will always have this journal element to it, a place to document the details of one’s life and the thoughts in one’s head.

It is important to write things down. Because we keep forgetting. It Is as simple as that.

I am not vain enough to claim that I do not need people to read what I write. Anyone who writes anything wants to be read. But on this blog at least, I do no aspire for a vast readership.

Its like that comforting feeling you get when you reassure yourself in the head – only this is your “internet head”.

The trick is to pretend that nobody reads you. But then it gets all cyclical and confusing (because I just said that I do want to be read) and a little bit pretentious (but the trick IS to pretend!). [And this is why writing things is dangerous and should only be attempted if you have considered the possibility of losing your mind and do not find it all that repulsive.]


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