I’ve attached rather specific sentiments to each day of the work week.

Perhaps, for some people, every working day is more or less the same, but there are certain unique pros and cons to each day for me.


Unlike most people, I am fine with Mondays (and do not plot it’s death on a regular basis).

Pro: I do not have to go into office (which makes me feel like a lucky soul when I imagine the other poor souls on the peak hour train).

Con: I still have to work. And like everyone else, there is a certain inertia to working again after the weekend (which is actually worse when you factor in the temptations of naps and TV at home).


Tuesdays are tough, after the 5 days away from the office.

Pro: I’m the only writer in today. I kind of like just working with the tech and admin people because they pretty much do their own stuff, but I don’t feel too alone at the same time. This is also the day where I tend to go off for lunch on my own (yay to me-time) or meet the boyfriend for a bite.

Con: Having to commute to office + I often feel unproductive on Tuesdays (long lunches are often to blame).


Wednesday is my “communal” day. I see my co-writers today.

Pro: It’s nice to have a group lunch once a week since I eat alone most of the time when I’m working from home. Plus, the boss usually picks up the tab today, which is a nice treat.

Con: The office can feel a little crowded on these days.


Thursday is probably my favourite day of the week.

Pro: After two days in the office, I feel liberated to have the day to myself again. I have tea on my own in the morning and maybe again in the afternoon. Whatever I like. As I said, liberating.


Even when you work from home, it is still difficult to get anything done on a Friday.

Pro: It is Friday. That’s all.

Con: It feels like its the weekend already. (Actually, this can be a pro too. Really depends on how you look at it.)

And then it’s the weekends. Which is always, always glorious (even if it is not).


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