This is good to know.


I can’t remember the last time I truly care about Valentine’s Day. This year, I care about it even less (if that’s actually possible).

I’m not just saying it. It’s just true. [I did enjoy some of the wittier Valentine’s Day cards that have been flooding the internet this week – good copy-writing always makes me happy.]

And I have someone with whom I can be all lovey-dovey with this time around (actually, no – he’s out of town, but I’m quite sure lovey-dovey-ness would have been a potential course of action if he’s around), so it’s not one of those sad, forever-alone situations where I have decided to hate love.

If I have to state one reason for my apathy towards this holiday that commercializes love, it will probably be that the socialist in me simply rejects the capitalistic decadence of over-priced quick-to-wilt flowers and unimaginative set dinners.

At this point, I want to point out that I’m not against heart-shaped stuff in general. [In fact, I think they can be quite adorable; its nice to find hearts on things like shoes, cardigans and other people’s latte art.]

So, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day (any occasion that makes people feel socially obliged to give me gifts and chocolates can’t be all bad), but I can’t muster up any real, un-ironic enthusiasm for it either.

Then again, I’m so chronically under-romanced that I’m probably immune to all forms of V Day propaganda by now.

But if anyone wants to buy me jewellery – or books, or shoes, or a new MacBook – in the name of love, I won’t say no to them.

Now that I think about it, love should always comes with a pretty little something that costs (too much) money. I mean, how else are we supposed to valuate it?


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