Rich / Ruth

I feel rich when I have a pile of books, waiting to be read.

I don’t mean rich as in having a lot of money (although I won’t say no to that), but rich as in being full of something good.

The first time I realized that I’m a grown woman is when I walked into a massive bookstore and know that I could buy whatever I want. Probably not everything I want, but definitely enough of what I want.

And who has enough space in their lives for everything they want?

Actually, the people on Hoarders will probably come close.


“Ruth” is one of my favourite names. I love the way it sounds. Every time someone tells me her name is Ruth, I get an intense case of name-envy (it’s a real condition and affects millions of people every year).

When you name someone Ruth, you are naming them for the compassion you wish they will give and receive. But Ruth can also mean “sorrow or grief”. Perhaps, not that great for a name after all.

Then again, every name out there can be interpreted in a negative way, and if you have to pick one of them, it might as well be something fantastic like Ruth.

However, there is also the problem of it ending with “th”.

One can almost be absolutely sure that down the road, a name that ends with “th” is going to get brutally murdered by people who are incapable of forming their mouths into the necessary shape that will allow their breath to glide between the tongue and the roof just so. Or lazy people who will pronounce it as “rude” simply because it takes less effort. Or maybe rude people who think they’re funny (they’re not).

When you look at it like that, the name is a minefield of unfortunate childhood nicknames (I should know; I have a whole collection of those) and a lifetime spent correcting people you’ve just been introduced to (needless to say, not a great start to any relationship).

But if you do say it right, it is wonderful.

So, why not?


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