So, so, so – what is there to say this time?

There’s that spur-of-the-moment trip to Beijing that I didn’t see coming until it sort of crashed into me and got me all excited about seeing The Great Wall (of China; is there any other?), doing cartwheels in Tiananmen Square (if cartwheels are something I am capable of executing) and eating Peking Duck in Peking.

I blame it on the Chinese-ness in my blood – surely the call of the ethnic motherland still rings in my ears, however faintly. [One’s cultural root is always the perfect scapegoat; mostly, it’s just convenient.]

And I’m looking forward to the snow, although I do hope that there’s not too much of it. Too much snow can be a real damper. Like, literally.

After this, I promise to stay put. At least until the year is done – and it’s time is almost up.


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