For the past three weeks, I have a routine of sort – something that I haven’t had for quite a while.

And surprisingly (or not), I quite like it.

I get up in the morning and start writing about funny/beautiful/incredible things that someone, somewhere on the globe is doing. Actually, it may have less to do with writing (although it is there) than with trying to figure out which of the millions of stories floating around on the Internet is worth sharing.

This part is fun too, but I still (will probably always) prefer the writing bit.

Later on in the night, after dinner and a bit of TV, I flip through some websites to grab a few story leads for the next day. I feel better when I can start the day with something instead of a blank. [Most of the time I’m such a sloth-y worker, but it seems there is a tiny, tyrannical control freak in me that pushes me to do prep-work like this.]

And then I start all over again the next day. That’s how routines work, I guess.


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