First Date

I read this really cute first date story and thought about how great it will be if someone will just collect anecdotes like this and put them up on the Internet for those days when you just need a little something to like the world again. Then I got thinking about what kind of couples I will like to see featured in such a collection – should only the “success” stories be told or should it be open to all (including those that eventually implode and end in tear-shed)?

I figure that the beauty about such a gathering of stories is that one doesn’t really need to know the ending. It’s just a moment caught in time, a light, frivolous moment that may be sweet, embarrassing, cute or just plain awkward – whatever it is, it should probably bring on a smile. Because almost everything, sooner or later, mellows into this dreamy, nostalgia-filtered shade of past that is always pleasing.

Almost everything, especially first dates.


Don’t you think that it is ridiculous when people declare (often dramatically) that they don’t believe in love? When they do that, I always think of this quote from Tom of 500 Days of Summer (I am always thinking about quotes from that movie; because they are so good):

It’s love, not Santa Clause.


I am trying to plan a spontaneous 10 days trip and all I can think about are the tiny, irrelevant details. Like:

  • What kind of music to play in the car to avoid mega fall-out because as we all know, music can be The Great Divide. (Right now I am optimistically thinking that it will be Phoenix, but we will probably end up listening to so-bad-its-good ’80s music.)
  • If I can only bring one sweater, which one of my four thousand knitted tops should be the privileged one.
  • If I should follow the advice of this alternative travel journal and start buying random convenience store products as souvenirs. [Related concern: Can we really trust a book that is as cute as this?]
  • The dilemma of not drinking coffee but really liking cafes – I am sure there will be tea but seriously, cafes and coffee obviously go together because they both start with ‘c’. (But anguish substantially moderated by prospect of good cakes.)
  • What kind of chocolate bar is the most road trip worthy. I have a feeling that it is Snickers (for its rugged chewiness) but I don’t even eat that. May still get a bar or two for sake of authenticity.

This is why I never get anything done.


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