Today is Sunday and I am quietly happy. Other than the fact that Sunday in itself is a rather joyful affair, a couple of good things happened today.

1. That much dreaded, much anticipated (in equal parts; dread and anticipation did not cancel each other out, as one will expect) Meet The Parents dim-sum-cum-interrogation-disguised-as-friendly-small-talk session went rather well. Strictly speaking, I have yet to obtain formal feedback but the vibes are good. And I trust my vibes.

2. A great piece of news landed in my email inbox today. My favourite writerly friend is having one of his fantastic (i.e. its of the fantasy genre and really good) short stories published in an anthology of Singaporean fiction. This got me grinning really widely and I am only marginally more thrilled about the fact that he has named one of the central characters after me. Okay, that’s a lie – a character in a book named after me is actually on my bucket list (true story; i mean, who wants to be a real person when you can be a fictional character?) So, thank you C!

I am quite ready for Monday now.


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