This is one of those completely pointless posts where I update you on the banal details of my rather uneventful life. But knowing how voyeuristic the average blog reader is, I have a feeling that you are going to read it anyway.

So, I slept from about 9pm to 145am just now. It’s the flu bug; I’ve been feeling woozy the entire day (strangely, not an entirely unpleasant way to feel). Then I woke up, showered and went out for supper. I am always eating supper these days.

By the time I got back at 3am, all filled with porridge and stuff, I couldn’t fall asleep. I proceeded to read the entire archives of Into The Gloss, which I am currently obsessing about. There is just something about me and verbatim interviews – cannot. get. enough. of. them.

Oh, and its Saturday. Hooray, I guess.


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