So, I solved a Primary 5 math question the other night and I felt ridiculously gleeful about it. You know, small victories.

The thing is, I actually miss solving such questions. I have so much nostalgia for their simple logic – one has the sense that anything can be worked out in a world where people happily barter oranges for apples, give cookies away just because and share their toys with one another. It is a self-contained utopia where the toughest problems are resolved with rather basic arithmetic.

I guess I miss that world because our problems are no longer packaged in neat little scenarios and do not come with a model step-by-step (one point for each correct step!) answer. The worst bit: you can’t even do corrections if you get it wrong.

Remember what they told you about school, that it is the best part of your life (and that you should quit complaining about homework)?

They were quite right.


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