One Day

So, I had a strange craving to read One Day (I know – pop novel, modern love story, emo nonsense. I don’t really care.) again. And I did.

And almost immediately, I started feeling sad way before anything sad actually happens. I blame my over-hyper hormones for this surge of emotion, but really, how can you not be indignant about Em and Dex (also, how can you not love them to death)? Years and years of circling each other and not being together. At certain points in the book, I wanted to jump into it (Mary Poppins style), just to shout some sense into their numb skulls. BE TOGETHER. STOP BEING MORONS. Something like that. Maybe a little more refined, but the idea is there.

Sometimes, I think writers are the most cruel people on earth. They think that just because they are dealing with fictional characters, they have the right to make things difficult for them, to cause them heartache, to kill them violently. Who says that they deserves less compassion than real people (who are often so much less fascinating anyway).

Then again, why should figments of our imagination have easier lives than those of us who are made of flesh and blood?

So – Em and Dex. They break my heart, like only unreal people can.


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