Again, About the Lost Youth

Pop culture paints a picture of a fearless youth and juxtaposes it against a faltering uncertainty that gripes us as we age. That is not true. [Believe it not.]

What is true is that we are afraid of stuff both when we are stupidly young and when we are supposed to be wise with years. [Note: the wisdom does not come to all.]

What is different is that fears when we were too young to know better are known as “thrills” (after all, what is the worst that can happen?), but become this enveloping queasiness that makes us stop when we get older. [Some may choose to employ the “deer in headlights” metaphor at this point, but I think I will pass.]

Maybe you are over-thinking things.

Generally speaking, thoughts are supposed to be good.

Not when there are so many of them that don’t agree with one another. Then, they are just a bitch.

Too often these days, I prefer not to move. I’ll just wait it out, thank you very much.

But that does not mean I like doing that. One thing about being an adult: you sort of learn to do things you don’t like and be sort of comfortable with it.

There are a lot of sort-ofs after you’re grown up.


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