I am fascinated with people who write with their left hands. Ironically, there is a self-confident, charming awkwardness to how they do it. [When they do anything else than write, I do not find them particularly captivating. Strange.]

An awkwardness that is necessitated by a world dominated by and thus designed for relatively uninteresting right-handed writers.

Today, I came across someone who writes with her right hand, but who also displays this same awkwardness.

Now, that’s befuddling.

I have no idea why I am rambling on about this.


One thought on “Left/Right

  1. As a left handed writer, I concur on the awkwardness. After growing up smudging ink across the side of our hands, knocking elbows with dinner table neighbours, and the inability to ever use a (old fashioned) number pad properly – who could blame us?

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