The Year Is Still New

I know, we are 11 days into the first month of 2012. But I insist that the year is still new, because it is. Granted, it is not still in its shrink-wrap, but let’s not be anal about things so early on. There will be a lot more stuff to get irrationally uptight about in the remaining 356 days (I took into account that extra day we will be getting in February).

Instead of agonising over what I should write in this first post of the year, I thought that the above new year greeting by Neil Gaiman from a decade ago does the job much better than I can ever do.

For me, I am just crossing my fingers that the world will not end. That will be a real kill-joy.

[Although if it does, I will be seriously impressed with those Mayans.]

So, congratulations darlings, we have survived another year. Yay-ness for everyone!


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