I like the stairs at the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen.


Recently, I have been feeling the rushing tide of time (I know, very cheesy) more acutely because:

1. Everyone is either getting engaged, married or pregnant. [If you belong to this group, congratulations!]

2. I get a hangover the next day after a few beers. Seriously.

3. A long standing insider joke that I hold close to heart was very purposefully put to a rest. The reason: we are all grown up now.

The last one bites me the most.

But you know, life happens.

On the bright side, I found a wad of Thai Baht worth a few hundred Singapore Dollars while spring-cleaning earlier today. Finding money that you didn’t know you have rocks.

So you see, good thing happens too.


I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.

– Oscar Wilde (via Garance Dore)

And one can only be this arrogant when one has the talent to back it up.


I hope you know that you are being an asshole.

I don’t.

That’s why you are an asshole. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I could offer you only one tip for the future, learning to treat assholes with indifference will be it.

Another not-so-nice (but definitely more satisfying) tip will be to kick them in the balls (assuming they do have a couple of those hanging around; if not, a bitch slap will do).

Your pick, my friends.


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