See You Again

I will really like to see you again.

That is such a nice thing to hear. Did you say it because it’s nice?

No, I said it because that is what I want. But I did take care to say it nicely.

A careful and polite man. I do like that.

So, can I see you again?

You know, now is the time when I play that game girls are so fond of. The one where they pretend to think about your proposition, when actually, they are quite decided.

All I got from that is how I still don’t know if I can see you again.

But I just told you – that’s part of the game.

Isn’t this game meant to be a secret mind game?

I don’t like secrets and I don’t like mind games. Too honest to be good at them. Besides, when played in the open, it’s a much more intense mindfuck. Because you no longer know the rules.

But if you are bothered to play this game with me at all, it must mean that you want to see me again too. That’s a reasonable deduction.

Not really. I can be doing this simply because I’m bored.

That will be cruel.

Of course it is. Everyone is cruel. Especially girls.


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