“But we’re not 14 anymore. […] Everything is becoming real.”

From some article on Thought Catalog. I really should stop reading it so much. It’s a twenty-something emo fest.

Speaking of being emo, M says the most dramatically emo things sometimes. Remember, they are just #firstworldproblems.


Sometimes, I feel so pretentious just for wanting the truth. Caring so much about it makes me feel like a lunatic. And I’m not even talking about some grand metaphysical truth – just the small things that actually happened.

Yet, it drives me nuts.


Me: “Don’t worry. I mean Ted found his wife! I’m sure you can too.”

M: “Actually, I think it’s more incredible that Barney is getting married.”

Me: “OMG, that’s true!”

So, fret not, you’ll meet the Mother too!


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