How about this – let’s run away.

That sounds like a perfectly uncrazy idea. But where?

Why do you always have to spoil everything with specifics? You think too much.

I think that’s a very legitimate question. Why do you hate questions?

Because I don’t have the answers.

That is actually a good answer.


I didn’t believe that one can actually burst into tears until I did it myself. I was so surprised that I stopped crying almost immediately.

Why is it surprising? People do that all the time.

They don’t. Usually, they do a whole pre-crying routine: going a little red, eyes getting moist, scrunching up their faces, trembling lips. When you burst into tears, you find yourself right in the middle of a crying spell. It’s a little disorientating because you don’t really know how you got there.


I like the way you talk.

As in the things I say?

No, as in how your mouth moves.


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