The Kids

So, N just messaged me to express his incredulity regarding how his friends are starting to have babies. I told him that I already have friends with babies and that every other day, people are getting engaged (which makes Facebook kind of depressing for the very single me) – it is just the zeitgeist; unstoppable and relentlessly moving on from the carefree, extreme youth that we have just recently left behind.

And it is not a bad thing. Just a different thing. Our twenties can be a real bitch, an insecure no man’s land where we try to find our feet and get use to being adults, but that can hardly be helped, can it?

Besides, isn’t this supposed to be the best time of our lives? At least, that’s what written on my imaginary 20-something starter kit.

I get a distinct feeling that I am prep-talking myself. But seriously, what is new?


One thought on “The Kids

  1. i guess it’s part of growing up.
    friends come and go…people change…
    lifestyle change…
    we just gotta move on and find peace within.
    most importantly, be true to yourself no matter what.

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