Some people don’t deserve our faithfulness.
– Karl Lagerfeld, who interviews Carine Roitfeld over here.

I have been thinking about how some people just don’t deserve it, whatever ‘it’ is – faith, kindness, all those good things. And the best way to deal with them is indifference, a metaphorical ‘talk to the hand’ (do people still say this?).

As always, there is something relevant that I can quote from Sex and the City: delete, delete, delete (to Big’s messages on her answering machine). I know they eventually ended up together, but you know what I mean – take it in context!


So, exciting news.

The ticket to Europe has been booked and I will be paying for it tomorrow! Once that is done, it will just be a flurry of travel planning (which I enjoy but pretend to be annoyed with) and a lot of restless waiting for the day to come. I may be a little bit too optimistic about it because there are a lot of things to straighten out – work to be done before I go, work to be done while I am on the trip – but what’s wrong with a little positivity every now and then?

Hopefully, it will be great. Actually, it better be, considering that I have been waiting for this to happen for more than a year. Okay, I know it will be.

I can do this self-assuring monologue all day.


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