Nobody should ever do that. And certainly, nobody should ever do that to my friend!

He said it with the kind of vehemence that was meant to be amusing and serious at the same time. I was amused and warmed by this display of loyalty.

Well, it shows that there are a lot of fuckers in this world.

Yes, of course. But it is ok; we will swat them away like flies.

Or crush them like cockroaches! Actually, no. That will make a mess. It is already messy enough as it is.

You think too much about shit like this.

I let this non-issue drop and asked him about what he wanted at the moment: a girl who doesn’t want him. There will always be one of these, every once in a while – people we want really badly and want all the more because we cannot have them.

Maybe you only want her because she doesn’t want you.

I’m not ruling that out. Perhaps it’s an only child thing.

He laughed like it is only half a joke, although I think that it is just true.


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