I am having some problem sleeping right now, which means that I spend a lot of time in bed each night reading off the tiny screen of my iPhone.

There are the three articles from Thought Catalog (I set myself a limit because some of those articles are just too emo for my own good) and other random links that I click on from Twitter.

Sometimes, I feel inspired enough (and considering that I am usually still nowhere near falling asleep) to write something here. Like now – typing rapidly on the QWERTY keyboard in the dark.

Anyway, I feel like I have to share this right away, although I am pretty sure nobody is up at 4am, waiting for a new post from me. The thing is, I was reading Neil Gaiman’s latest blog post (still can’t believe that he puts his words up for free; that seems like such incredible generosity) when I found out that his short story, The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains, has just won an award. That, in itself, is not surprising at all.

But the fact that you can read it for free, over here, is.

It is part of Stories, a collection of short stories that he edited together with Al Sarantonio. I bought the book but lost it shortly after I’ve finished reading it. Actually, saying that it’s ‘lost’ may be pushing it a little – it is probably lying somewhere in the apartment, waiting for me to re-discover it and exclaimed triumphantly, “Fuck, so it’s here!”

Back to The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains and Fifty-Two Stories. Maybe a little background information is in order:

1. Fifty-Two Stories is a literary project that is in it’s third year. Basically, a new short story is put up every week, which makes 52 a year (thus the name).

2. The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains is a new story that Neil wrote for Stories and it is #25 in the 2010 edition of Fifty-Two Stories. It is a longish short story that is more deeply developed than is usual for it’s genre, which makes it a novelette (I.e tiny novel).

Now, why am I excited?

1. I suddenly remembered, in full, what happened in the story and recalled how brilliant I thought it was when I first read it. Naturally, I am looking forward to reading it again. And I thought that I should make it clear to you, as soon as possible, that I think you should read it too (if you have not already done so; if you did, do it again). Now that I think about it, it may just be my usual maniac self who does not like to wait. Whatever it is, READ IT.

2. I realised that there are dozens of unread, potentially great, short stories on Fifty-Two Stories that I didn’t know about until a few minutes ago. This is just a bookworm thing.

I am starting to feel sleep calling. Good, because I’m just about done.

So yes, please read it. I swear, I’m almost begging you. And then you will thank me for this. If you don’t feel like you want to shake my hand for getting you to read this story at the end of it, you are obviously an idiot.

Okay, I’m kidding.

Wait, actually, maybe I’m not. I can’t decide.

I blame it on the sleep – it has just arrived.


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