“Kate Lotvelt was the creator of and show runner for ‘Death In The Family’, as well as it’s head writer and a member of the ensemble cast. The show’s meandering, almost non-existent plotlines revolved around the Michaelson family: Connor and Jean, adult son Mike and wife, Sally, teen-age daughter Irene, adopted Korean child Koko, dog Revolution, and neighbours the Washingtons. In every episode, someone died. Connor murdered Jean, Jean set fire to Sally, Mike was wrongfully executed, Irene caught cold, Koko fell into the pool, Revolution was shot, the Washingtons were poisoned by Sally’s casserole. Everything sacrosanct about death was lampooned: disease, hospitals, the squeamish austerity of the burn ward, funeral homes, unbearable sadness. And by the next episode, everyone was alive again! Everyone was swell! No memory of last week’s suffering and no suspicion of the coming doom. The question for the folks at home was: Who will get it this time? And how? The best episodes left him breathless. There was the effectiveness of the show’s satire, but also the stupefying entertainment of it’s metaphysics. How, week after week, did Kate Lotvelt turn something so morbid and frightening into the funniest show on television?”
– The Pilot by Joshua Ferris, a short story in 20 Under 40, Stories from The New Yorker.

This fictional TV show plot makes me wish someone will turn it into something real (or as real as television can be). I am convinced that it will be a hit – if they can pull off all that satirical and metaphysical bits.

It will be brilliant if they do. It will be a brilliance similar to the kind involved when they decide that Kenny should die in every episode of South Park only to be resurrected in the next one, only multiplied many times over.

It is my personal belief that America’s best writers are in television. Case in point: even their fictional television writers are bloody awesome.

On a vaguely related note, I think it is pure genius to name your dog “Revolution”. There is no doubt in my mind right now that it shall be the name of my new dog, if I ever get one.


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