I am so amused with this drawing – it is very clever. I must have sent it out to at least half a dozen people, willing them to chuckle involuntarily too, at its quiet, wicked humour.

No. Technically speaking, I have sent it out to almost a thousand people, considering that it is up on my Twitter. Ah, sharing the love. Feels good.


With a new found zeal for Orwell’s writing, I finished Books Vs. Cigarettes and Down And Out In London And Paris over the last weekend. I zipped through the former in about 10 mins (it’s a short essay) and spent the rest of the time reading the latter in one long breath.

A few observations on Down And Out:

  • The part about being a scullion in a Parisien hotel seems uncannily similar to Anthony Bourdain’s accounts of New York’s restaurant business in Kitchen Confidential. I guess the F&B industry, on both sides of the Atlantic, has not changed all that much in 70 years.
  • The idea of a poor writer being hungry and cold in London/Paris will always have some romantic appeal. Especially if you are not even vaguely in danger of starving or freezing.
  • The British drink a lot of tea. A LOT. Even the poor and the homeless drink copious amount of this aromatic hot stuff. I am pretty sure that if you take tea away from the UK, civil unrest will ensue.

That last point was driven home when I found this short piece by Orwell, A Nice Cup of Tea, where he went through 11 golden rules to making (perfect) tea.

Oh, and there is a UK Tea Council. They have literally made tea a national institution.

As a tea drinker myself, I cannot help but feel a sense of solidarity. TEA LOVERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!


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