Recently, I feel a little under the weather – not physically, just generally. Like I am hanging my head, slouching when I walk, dragging my feet, only I am not. I think good posture is important; I never slouch.

But, this person, that is me, is doing all that in my head. And I think I let her do that. Maybe, even slouching in your head is bad for you.

I didn’t know it is possible to feel restless and lethargic at the same time, but it is. So restless that I want to start doing jumping jacks and so lethargic that I want to take a 3 days long afternoon nap. I usually end up somewhere in-between – fidgeting in front of the computer, typing too quickly and pressing the ‘delete’ button more than I should.

Something needs to be done – but what, what, what?


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