When was the last time I wrote about politics? 5 years ago? Thereabouts.

But it is 5 years later and it is the time to talk about politics, again.

I am so rusty with this. 5 years older and I find myself feeling a little sheepish about the political idealism that I had expounded whole-heartedly at the last GE, the conviction that we had the truth in our hands and all we have to do is make a cross next to it. I feel sheepish, but I do not feel ashamed – because we were not wrong.

We do need this. We do need more representation in the parliament, we do need alternative voices, we do need something other than white on white. It is emotional (very, in fact), but it also not difficult to discern, rationally, that a single voice (whipped into cohesiveness) is not enough.

I wonder: are we afraid? Much less so than before, if you ask me. That’s good. Fear is such an ugly word (but a powerful one too). Yet, I’m afraid. I’m nervous and jittery about how this election will turn out. Frankly, I cannot imagine a Hougang under the PAP.

This post has the potential to spiral out of control into high-strung, pro-opposition rhetoric. Let’s avoid going down that road. It is certainly not my intention.

So, carpe diem – do what you must.


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