The Movies

I like going to the movies.

They are when I can forget I exist (and actually like it) for two hours at a time. That’s the great part.

I don’t like to talk during a movie. It is a pet peeve. I like to be left alone with my childish glee and just stare at the huge screen; I like to laugh when I feel like laughing and not on cue. Occasionally, I like to pretend that you don’t exist too. So, don’t talk to me (too much) when we are watching a movie together – I will not like it.

I like movies that are shot a little blurry, a bit fuzzy around the edges. I like clever dialogue (possibly the hardest thing to write). Sometimes, I like the movie to be kind of predictable, as in a romantic comedy – I like to watch something mindless on Friday night. But most of the time, I prefer if the movie shows me something new or something old from a new perspective. That is what film is meant to do.

I particularly like it when a film comes full circle. I like it when the chronology is artfully messed up. I like a movie that goes back and forth, here and there, this and that. Gelling up a movie like this takes finess. And dramatic finess is good. It gives the movie character, make it love-able. Then again, people may hate it. That’s the thrill I guess.

I like a good story (duh). Everyone should understand the importance of plot as opposed to frills. Frills are distracting, but details are crucial. Something like that. I am not equipped with enough relevant vocabulary to go into this without sounding bloody pretentious. Or does this sound pretentious already? Likely so.

What I was trying to say is, I like going to the movies and I like to be quiet as a mouse while I am at it. That’s all.


2 thoughts on “The Movies

  1. i totally concur, this is the reason why, for movies that really matter, I like to have a go at it alone. People find it hard to believe i like going to the theatre without companionship. I find them terribly narrow-minded…and when i say movies that matter, i don’t mean Avatar 3D.

  2. Haha! I totally know what you mean about Avatar 3D. Believe it or not, I’ve never watched a movie alone. Somehow, I never had the opportunity to do that! I really want to try that though 🙂

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