Recently, I have been kind of bored. Okay, really, really bored. If you ask me, the end of most things (especially the year) is kept buoy by a lot of hype.

Ah, is there anything that I oppose to (strictly on principle) more than hype? Right now, I draw a complete blank.

That does not mean that such a thing does not exist. It may just be eluding me right now. So many things (mostly thoughts, ideas and other stubbornly intangible non-things) are elusive these days. Everything has taken on a slippery quality and they just refuse to be caught.


In other news, my friend Carrick finally wrote a new blog post today.

The fact that he is not writing for a living (like he is meant to do) is breaking my heart!



2 thoughts on “Hype

  1. Thanks very much for the link-out. Your small commentary on my current state of affairs has meandered its ways to the huge emotional tundra that is Contemplation Avenue – I shall sleep on it tonight, and perhaps, even dream a little. 🙂

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