I’ve just read Time Magazine’s Person of the Year article – it’s Mark Zuckerberg this year.

Which got me thinking about the Internet and identities (it is always about identities with the Internet, isn’t it?). It used to be that the Internet was good for the living of double (or triple) lives. Then somehow, we started living our real lives on the Internet. Nobody is really anonymous online anymore; it is just not that trendy anymore.

[Except if you are the parody of a fictional character or real life personality on Twitter. And that is completely different anyway.]

I wonder if I like it like that. There is something very thrilling about mystery, of course, but I guess being real is very attractive as well.

Still, it seems silly to see everything in black and white like this. People are more real with Facebook than they ever were on the Internet before – but seriously who doesn’t delete unflattering pictures of themselves from their profiles?

And just as with Wikipedia, don’t believe everything you read on (or about) Facebook. [If anyone try to tell you otherwise, you are entitled, almost obligated, to giving him/her a withering loathsome look.]


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