Dear You*,

For your Unwavering Friendship and Fabulous Company, THANK YOU.

For your Immense Kindness, Limitless Patience and Listening Ear, THANK YOU.

For your Gigantic Heart and Helping Hand, THANK YOU.

The end of the year is so very near and I am holding my breath, waiting for it to pass – so that I may scrub the slate (very) clean and then, let’s do this all over again.

Only better. More perfect. Much more perfect.

* You know who you are. You are going to get (or have already gotten) handwritten cards from me, but I thought there is no harm showing the rest of the world my gratitude.


2 thoughts on “You

  1. i like this.

    i just found out about your blog and i’m loving it so far for the varied topics. you make me google a lot. and you are a fine writer. better than carrick in my opinion. =)

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