Today, I met a girl.

I told her that she seems young and asked her how old she is. She seemed surprised and said that usually people told her that she looks older than her age.

She is 22 and fresh out of school. I think she looks 22 and fresh out of school.

Two things gave her youth away.

1. She wasn’t wearing any make up.

There are two kinds of young(er) girls – those that wear too much make up and those that don’t wear make up at all. Both do what they do because they have certain misconceptions about cosmetics.

2. Her eyes.

Some people look older than they are, some people look younger than they are and some people look exactly as old as they are.

So, how exactly do you know how young/old a person is?

This is how I do it: I look at their eyes. Young(er) people lacks this ‘hardness’ in their eyes, a quality that one acquires after having been properly acquainted with the world and its tendency to disappoint. You can call it wisdom or weariness. Or both.

[It is strange how all these words start with ‘w’ – world, wisdom, weariness.]

Trust me, it works. (Although some people do get this ‘hardness’ in their eyes earlier than they should.)


3 thoughts on “Young

  1. age, to me, is divided into two periods in your life — the time before you feel total at ease and comfortable with yourself; and the time after, when numbers don’t matter anymore

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