I have been catching up on my reading these past weeks. It feels wonderful – like going deep sea diving and only surfacing occasionally for air and whatever else I need to continue doing this.

On a related note, I have been picking up those ridiculously cheap Penguin classics and contemporary must-reads. Books from before the 20th century are going for $4.95 (green) while those published after are priced at $10.95 (orange).

You will find them quite easily at Borders. It is becoming a habit for me to go in there and pick up a few of these – impulse purchases, like last minute candies at the supermarket. Not a bad thing, but not exactly a good thing either. But come on, they are so cheap!!!

Anyways, here is the ironic part: although The Picture of Dorian Gray is a mere $4.95, I still decided to read it entirely on my iPhone. Yes, I am insane like that. In my defence, it is really handy to have your book on your phone, considering how tiny my handbags are these days.

On the up side, it is completely worth it to go cross-eyed for this book. I now have mad love for Oscar Wilde – this dude is seriously good at this writing thing. And he is a rebel; everyone loves a rebel (reference: James Dean).

I can’t spoil it for those of you who may want to read this, but this is clever beyond words. Read it, read it, read it.


Speaking of cleverness, I was thinking about it.

When it comes to people, the clever, funny ones are my absolute favourites. Not the kind, good ones – in fact, in so many cases, it is the wicked ones with the razor sharp wit that make away with my undying affection.

And I am quite open with my admiration. I often stare at them in undisguised adoration and literally clap with glee at their antics. That must be most encouraging, I must say.

But I don’t care, they totally deserve it.


One thought on “Dorian

  1. The Picture of Dorian Gray is my absolute favourite book. I read it back in early high school and have read it at least once every year since. Oscar Wilde had such a vivid imagination and in my opinion way ahead of his time! Have you read Jane Eyre? It’s second on my list. The movie with Charlotte Gainsbourg did not do it justice! 😦

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