So very often, I start my post with, “It is late and I should be asleep.”. Or something approximately similar or at least, to that effect.

So why not do it again. There is, after all, some kind of foreign comfort in familiarity.

Only, I have absolutely no idea what to write after that sentence.

The phrase ‘blank mind’ comes to mind.

But wait, if that phase comes to mind, then the mind cannot be exactly blank, can it. (This is a statement, not a hypocritical rhetorical question.)

And everything written above is completely meaningless and irrelevant. You have to admit though, that there is a mad glee in irrelevance and nihilism. Nietzsche, that closet romantic clothed as an insane heretic, would have been proud.

I obviously need sleep. About eight hours and forty three minutes of it. Thereabouts.


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