It is late and I should be asleep.

But a day spent nursing the flu bug (that has overstayed) has left me feeling glutted with sleep, like I have filled my energy reserves up to the brim and I need to spend some or I will over-heat. It is a vicious cycle – too much sleep, too little sleep, repeat over and over.

So, I was watching How I Met Your Mother (for the third time today; yes, I’m a fan-atic). And I had an epiphany.

Friendship and Love have attained near-mystical status in contemporary popular culture. Love is powerful, so is Friendship. Love is enduring, as is Friendship. With love and friends, we are invincible. The instructions are simple enough: built a close-knitted clique, hang out, have fun, love and be there for one other (always, come what may).

If only we follow the instructions.


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