Red In The Head

The F1 weekend is also effectively the party-til-you-drop weekend on this little red dot. [Frankly, I believe this should also be the case in other Grand Prix destinations.]

This year, I only made it to one party – but I’m convinced that it is the best one of the lot! Made possible by the good people of Dope, some of the other fashion bloggers and I were invited to the Red In My Head party on Keppel Island!

[I didn’t even know there is a Keppel Island before this. Everyday, you learn something new.]

An exclusive shindig that is by-invite only, the pop-up party venue is bathed entirely in a red glow. F1 race cars were parked at the centre of the space. With music by top international DJs and 3D motion graphics from the likes of Benny Wu and Christopher Hill, it was a real audio/visual treat.

The night can be summed up very succinctly as such: free-flowing champagne, awesome music, great company.

Easily one of the best parties I’ve attend this year. Hoping for an encore soon!


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