Tech Candies

I have been using an iPod since 2005. I know this isn’t a particularly long time to be using this wonder music device compared with some of you die-hard veterans out there, but it is my first MP3 player. Yes, I was kind of slow to get in on this, but better late then never!

I have always gone for the smaller, cuter variants – first the iPod Mini (I absolutely loved this), then the Nano. These are so pretty and colourful that they look like candies! [And yes, I am a girl.]

Apple just launched their new iPod Nano – they look good enough to eat. Half the size of the last version, you will notice at once that something is missing from these sleek, little squares: the brand’s legendary click wheel is gone.

I did feel a slight twang of regret that they have decided to do away with this iconic feature, but hey, this is progress. So, moving on!

Fully touch screen enabled, the new iPod Nano works just like its cousins, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, meaning you will be doing quite a bit of swiping on its 1.5″ x 1.5″ colour display.

I have been thinking about which colour to get for the past couple of weeks and I am still undecided (I mean c’mon, there are seven to choose from). I’m leaning towards the pink, blue and green. But that really isn’t very helpful, is it?

[The new iPod Nano comes in 8GB and 16GB, priced at $228 and $278 respectively.]

P.S. And I am so very, very impressed with FaceTime. What can we not do with our gadgets now? Possibly teleport – but that’s about it.


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