Back from Break

Throughout my blogging years, I have been prone to taking unscheduled breaks. That is just a really nice way of saying I was uninspired or just plain tired.

I know this sounds like an excuse, but believe it or not, lots of perfectly valid reasons sound suspiciously like excuses.

So, this the reason for my unscheduled break this past week.


I meant to do a round-up of my writing elsewhere at the beginning of each month but never got around to it. And quite suddenly, we are in the second half of September.

The very fact that we are in September at all is reason enough for wild panic. Where did the year go? That is the unanswerable question.

Anyway, here are some of what I wrote in the past month and a half (I am already nostalgic for August).

Over at the Mandarin Gallery blog, I have been talking about the return of the Supermodel, the Sanrio x Bape collection, screen sirens and the latest F/W 2010 collections, from the likes of Just Cavalli. Oh, and there is the Digital Nights 2010, which goes live tonight – expect a lot, a lot of light and sound.

And that’s about it 🙂


In other news, I have been working on the fashion blog (yes, that is going to be a fashion blog). Hopefully, it can be unveiled soon.

I am very excited and impossibly nervous about this new project. Everything is untouched and spanking new. A clean slate!

And a clean slate is my favourite thing in the world.


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