Sanrio x Dr. Martens

On Thursday, I woke up bright and early to attend the launch of the Sanrio x Dr. Martens collection. I’ve seen pictures of the shoes earlier over at Nicole‘s – considering how insanely cute they are, I was really looking forward to seeing them up close.

And of course, I’ll have to try them on!

I love the adorable Hello Kitty cupcakes and fruit tarts. They are literally much too pretty to eat. So, I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to take a good picture of them.

A long queue was already forming outside the store when I got there for the media brunch, which was not open to the public. However, the good people of Dr Martens are very fair – media will still have to join the queue if we want to get our hands on the shoes 🙂 Rest assured that there is no favouritism at play here.

All that extreme cute-ness aside, I am still in lust with these classic boots in patent leather (because I like them shiny!).

(All pictures from Dr. Martens Singapore Facebook page.)


One thought on “Sanrio x Dr. Martens

  1. Hmm this Sanrio Hello Kitty Mary Janes is cuteness on you. I thought it will look a bit retarded on me as much as I like it since I am no longer a frolicking teenage girl, able to carry this off but it does look well on you!

    Sorry, i haven’t found the dvd anywhere yet, my room is too full of stuff but I haven’t forgotten and will update once I found it!

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