Clog Clog

My mounting obsession with clogs is getting out of hand (as seen here and here). I better get it out of my system soon by actually buying a pair. Now, the questions is, which one?

Just today I found myself staring at this particularly lust-worthy option from No. 6.

I am not usually a fan of the slip-on style, but these really do look like they have huge potential. Don’t you think?

Choosing a colour will be tough though. That’s why we should always keep our minds open to the idea of buying all available colours. It’ll make life a lot easier at least.


2 thoughts on “Clog Clog

  1. Hello there!! I LOVE CLOGS. but it’s kinda hard to find a good pair here, no?

    It’s good to know you’re still blogging. will check back regularly 🙂

  2. woah, i shouldnt have clicked on the no.6 link, darn! But becareful when buying and wearing them, they kinda tear quite easily due to the nature of how it is made (stapling). but they are the best i ever worn that provide good height with comfort, blister free all day! 😀

    I say BUY!

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