Mulberry x Alexa x Tanjong Beach Club

For the fashion people, the party of the month was held 2 days ago: the Mulberry F/W 2010/11 presentation at the Tanjong Beach Club!

Without a doubt, the highlight of the night was the presence of Alexa Chung who was flown in specially for the event. Everyone went absolutely ga-ga over her, but you can hardly blame them – the girl looks ridiculously good in just a cream shirt (knotted at the front) and black cropped pants. And she has the good sense not to wear heels (unlike so many of us).

The models strutted down the runway leading cute pugs, which were dressed up to the nines as well. Needless to say, the focus of the show was on the bags. They came in rich jewel tones and abstract interpretations of the leopard print. I never thought that I’m the catty type, but this Alexa in fine leopard print has a strange draw on me.

However, what really caught my eye were the shoes (very predictable, I know). I love the extra low cut booties in all their studded glory.

To see the collection in action, watch this video 🙂

Click over to the other bloggers for more coverage on the event: Nicole, Xwen, Bagaholicboy, Laila, Kevin, Ms Glitzy and Silvia (the gorgeous new addition to the fashion blogging community).

Thank you Club21 for the party – we had a lot of fun!


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