Love, Chloé

Before I went for the Love, Chloé preview event yesterday, I logged on to their website to watch this interview of Raquel Zimmermann, muse and face of this highly anticipated new scent.

The stroll through Jardin des Tuileries with the supermodel, talking about the Chloé girl and her signature style, put me right in the mood for an afternoon of champagne-sipping at the Fullerton presidential suite where the preview was held.

Even before I got a whiff of the fragrance, I was already very taken with its very pretty, simple bottle with its golden hardware and a clear body that shows off the peachy pink fluid. The winning element of the bottle design will have to be the delicate gold chain attaching the cap to the bottle.

Models decked out in gorgeous nude pieces from the latest Chloé collections handed out testers of the scent. My first impression is that it smells particularly soft and powdery, but not overtly floral or feminine. Not one to go for stronger scents, I like how light it is.

Aware that fragrances change as they age throughout the day, I will be trying it out while I go about my ways this Saturday. Let’s see how it’ll hold up! 🙂 I’ll be sure to report back.


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