Home Club

Last night, A asked me to join him at Home Club for the launch of Duae, the new album by local band, Lunarin. It has been years since I’ve been there but this indie music lover of a club has not changed much.

Before Lunarin came on, Amanda Ling was behind the keyboard with some of the other Electrico ex-members, looking very pretty. The guys (e.g. A) were smitten. There’s just something about girls who play music, isn’t there?

The music was refreshingly different from what I have been listening to recently, which is good in itself.

Brian was there as well 🙂 Nice seeing you dude – do take care of that arm though.


At the bar, I was queuing up like a nice Singaporean when a lady up front grabbed me and asked me what I wanted. She also told me that I’ll never get my drinks if I queue like this. After giving the bartender my orders (i.e. a dry martini + beer), we started talking about Jägermeister in its various forms.

Upon hearing that I’ve never tasted a submarine, she promptly brought me one. Having been properly initiated, I can safely say that its not a bad drink. Not bad at all.

Lovely encounter of the night. I love friendly strangers. Except for those who turn out to be serial killers, of course.


I can’t quite remember the last time I danced up a sweat. Its a great feeling – makes me feel 19 again!

We should do this again soon. Like, real soon. Adrenaline can be so addictive.


People can be so disappointing. The key is to not take everything so personally. Because it really isn’t about you, most of the time.

Most frustrations can be abated with a few deep gulps of air.

Sometimes, I count to ten.


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