Write About Love

I signed up for the Belle and Sebastian mailing list because I am such a groupie and also because it makes sense. If you haven’t been on their website today, good news: they’re going to release a new record (so Brit) and its called Belle and Sebastian Write About Love.

Everything else is still a little hush hush, but Stuart did give his fans a little project to work on while they wait very impatiently for the songs to hit the stores. He advocates that you go out, armed with chalk (or anything else that is non-permanent), to write the record’s title (i.e. Belle and Sebastian Write About Love / Write About Love) in a secret or public place in your city.

Take a picture or video footage of your handiwork and send it over to the band’s flickr group. The submissions will then be included in the B&S TV show that is in the making right now. It sounds easy and very fun. I will really like to see Singapore featured on the show.

However, before you run out and start getting sketch-happy with your chalks and water-based markers, please note our country’s very intolerant stance towards vandalism. A cleverer way to do it will be to doodle your design on paper (e.g. Post-its, napkins, etc) and then sticking them up in a public space (e.g. lamp-post, stairway, bus stop). Alternatively, you can write the words on abandoned cardboard boxes, spell them out in chocolate chips or spray paint it on your cat.

Time to get creative, darlings.


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